xDeadButDreamingx (deadbvtdreaming) wrote in centralflparent,

Hi there...

OK this is like my first post to any community so bear with me here...anyways i was looking through communities related to living in Orlando and most seemed to be with regards to promotional things rather than discussion. I dunno where exactly any of you people live but central FL is close enough. So my question is this...My wife and I were thinking about moving up to the Orlando area (currently in Hollywood, Ft. Laud.) it seems really great...cheap rent for way nicer places than some of the aprtm,ents down area..it's not too big of a city...disney etc. But one thing really bothers is that the crime rate up there is twice as high as where we live. This is a bit of a worry as we have a 4 year old and I mean I really don't feel comfortable worrying about her in a possibly dangerous place. I have never been up there so I was wondering what any of you think living in that area...maybe you know someone who has any particular thoughts on this. well anyways thanks for any help you can give.
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